Nowadays almost every software company works with oriented service architecture. If not, you are either very lucky or missing something. When dealing with multiple services, debugging becomes more hard and hence a structured log messages filled with tracing id is a must.

Log messages structure

Let’s start the journey by having a look into the default Rails logger when we start a new Rails application:

CI shinobi masters

Nowadays we can find a lot of CI vendors. Let’s say that one day your team decided to switch from Jenkins to Gitlab CI or CircleCI, what would be the impact for this migration ? If your pipeline is very dependent on Jenkins plugins and every step is configured through the CI and not documented, this migration would be a sad story.

Then we come to test if our pipeline is portable and easy to migrate ? A portable pipeline for me would be the one which minimize the cost of migration from one vendor to another.

Following some best…

Abanoub Aziz

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